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I am seen in many ways
Known for many things
But in this world, I have
A true reflection of my soul
I tell a story
That is all mine.

Inspired by the perspectives of the modern individual, we set out in 2019 on a journey to celebrate her many stories. For her, we asked: can a jewel be more than just beautiful design and precious material? At our core is a desire to paint an authentic picture of who she is and all that she stands for.

This motivation led to years of immersive on-ground research and reinvention. With the help of experts in human insighting, we spoke with women of varying perspectives and cultural backgrounds, uncovering 160+ real stories in the process. And through these beautiful stories, triangulated with recurring ideas from inspirational women, literature and popular culture, we arrived at a refined lexicon of 42 keywords. Words that exemplify the spirit of the modern individual and serve as the foundation of everything we do.

‍It is validating to see how the keywords come up in daily interactions and move the women we meet to share more real-life experiences. From their stories, we learn and evolve – in chasing superlative design, in delivering an authentic and world-class experience, or even being inspired to create a whole collection.

As a homegrown maison with a rich legacy in the world of diamonds and jewellery, we also see it as our duty and privilege to shine a spotlight on fine Indian craftsmanship through a thoughtful and intuitive lens. Our journey will always be an organic, evolving exploration, driven by innovative thinking and brought to life in symbolic jewels...for her to celebrate her story in any way she likes.


Every Her Story design goes through a unique process of Insight to Expression, based on the premise that jewellery is precious because of the meaning it holds.


Each collection begins with in-person, intimate conversations with women of different perspectives. To our insight team, these personal interactions are blank slates, free from preconceived ideas or judgements; opportunities to simply listen and understand.

“When a story resonates, it’s because a strong core emotion shines through. We hold on to this core – to identify, explore and embrace it. Because only then can it truly be captured.”

Anokhi Parikh, Lead - Consumer Insights


Once the essence of a story is captured, the design team interprets it through a deep creative exploration. From symbolic wings that represent free-spiritedness to musical ghungroos evoking passion and focus, a metaphor forms the catalyst in telling the story of all that she is.

"Powerful concepts from our insighting journey lead us to find evocative metaphors. Inspiration comes from art, architecture, nature, the dynamic world around us. These metaphors become the catalyst for an eloquent expression of ideas."

Sitanshi Talati-Parikh, Brand Director


Master artisans then handcraft every piece, movement and gemstone to perfection. Designs come to life with best-in-class diamonds in a variety of unique cuts, along with precious gemstones that elevate the concept, all set in pure 18K gold. Each collection takes seven to nine months to be created in-house through a detailed process that spans prototyping, consumer testing, innovation and creative disruption, at the state-of-the-art Her Story atelier.


"Our drive to be relevant taught us a valuable lesson: to constantly keep an open mind and enable ourselves to explore. We step beyond our comfort zones in order to seamlessly combine the finest of craft, machine and passion.”

Vikram Singh, Artistic Director


Her Story is backed by Walking Tree – a global powerhouse in gems and jewellery with a network across India, China, Europe and USA. A fully vertically integrated group, from diamond and jewellery manufacturing to luxury retail brands, Walking Tree is powered by 1200+ people from different nationalities and cultures.

The group harnesses a rich design and craftsmanship expertise, responsible business practices, and innovation in technology, to make jewellery relevant and exciting for the consumer of today.

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